Welcome to the Port Molyneux School



Jade & Lyndon McNab's own search for the perfect wedding location, led to them wishing for a unique local venue, that could showcase the incredible Catlins coastal scenery.  

And so it was, a few years later, that they spotted the For Sale sign outside what was at the time, a very sad and derelict Port Molyneux School.   

Realising that the site and structure had amazing potential, they jumped at the opportunity to make that years-old wish a reality!


The Port Molyneux School was Kaka Point's local area school from 1865 to 1999.  When Jade and Lyndon first looked at it, the school had been empty and exposed to the elements for over 15 years - it had broken windows, lots of leaks and birds had taken up residence inside.  

Undaunted, Jade knew they'd be able to bring the old school back to its best by combining her design background and Lyndon's Southern Man can-do approach.   "We wanted to keep it as authentic as possible, freshen it up and give it a new lease of life" says Jade. 


Then the hard work began.   With the help of two local builders, the two classrooms have been opened up as a reception room and an extension added, while the nearby headmaster’s house has been fully refurbished for bridal party accommodation


The Kaka Point community are hugely supportive of the venture and were a big help in providing historical background info and materials that meant the outcome of the restoration was especially authentic. 

The venue provides a beautiful and unique space for couples to come together and celebrate with family and friends and is fast becoming one of the most sought after venues in Otago.

150+ Years of History

1865 - Port Molyneux School opened as the one of four primary schools in the district with an opening role of 11 pupils

September 1999 - After over 130 years, the Education Department closed the school.

April 2015 - Restoration begins to bring the property back to life

October 2016 - Port Molyneux School Wedding & Events Venue Grand Opening